Changed Lives Change The World

Upper Dublin Lutheran Church is a place where lives are changed through worship, learning, and relationships and where people are empowered to change the world and make it a better place. These are some of stories of how at UDLC "Changed Lives Change the World."

Introducing Changed Lives Change the World

Pastor Keith Anderson introduces our Changed Lives Change the World Campaign.

What Do You Love About UDLC?

We asked our members, "What do you love about UDLC?" Hear what brought them through the doors, how this community has impacted their lives, and how they feel sent forth to change the world.

One Candle Lights One Thousand

The Redding family shares their story of being welcomed, accepted, and empowered at UDLC.

Inward Faith Transforms Into Outward Service

Tom Hanko describes how is inward personal faith has been transformed into service in many ways at UDLC.

It Renewed My Faith in Church

The Jacob family reflects on raising their family at UDLC and how it renewed their faith in church.

You Can Make Things Happen

The Griswold family shares how experiences of serving those in need has affected their lives.

Faith Across The Generations

The Almlof/Hamilton family shares about feeling welcomed, inspired, serving others, and passing on the faith across generations

Welcomed, Wanted, and Free to Make Mistakes

The Ruhfs share their experience of being welcomed as young adults and feeling the freedom to get involved without the pressure or expectation that they have to be perfect.

I Didn't Know it was a Possibility at a Church

Lynn Schmidt shares the freedom and fun she has experienced at UDLC and they ways in which we are nourished and then go out to nourish others.

A Place to Recenter Your Perspective on Reality

The Wood family shares how UDLC is a safe space to think about reflection about life and God's purpose for their lives.


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