Sunday School

At Upper Dublin Lutheran Church, we focus on being God's dearly beloved children – that is our identity! We celebrate the wonderful and unique gifs God has given to each of us and discover how we can use our gifts to share God's love – in our homes, schools, church, community, and world. We celebrate being a part of God's family all over the world as we learn, play, share, and grow together in our relationship to our loving God and to God's people!

Themes for Each Stage of Faith and Life 

PRESCHOOL (3 AND 4 YEAR OLDS): “Who am I? I am a beloved child of God. God loves me.” (Includes stories and songs of faith)

KINDERGARTEN: “God and me, My family and me, My church and me. I talk with God, I share God’s love with my neighbors.” (Includes stories of Jesus and praying The Lord’s Prayer. )

FIRST GRADE: Bible based study of Old and New Testament stories emphasizing God’s love and faithfulness to His people. (Includes a beginning look at why and how Lutherans worship)

SECOND GRADE: “The story of God and His people” ~ Bible stories in chronological order, Old & New Testaments. Children experience the history of God’s relationship with His people.

THIRD GRADE: Bible-based study of the Ten Commandments, the Lord’s Prayer, and Giftedness, with emphasis on how we are called to use our gifts to be blessings to others and to share God’s love and grace with all in our family both here and around the world. Students explore the wonderful story of a loving, caring, faithful God, His relationship to His people, the gift of His law, and the Good News of His grace and forgiveness.

FOURTH & 5th GRADES: Alternating Years of Study~ Year A: Study of the New Testament with emphasis on the life of and ministry of Jesus, the Epistles, and the Apostle Paul. Students learn about the sacrifice made for us and all people as they enact own Trial of Jesus. Year B: Study of the Sacraments, the Creeds, and worship. Includes, “Meet Martin Luther”, and Luther’s explanations of the Sacraments and Creeds with emphasis on God as Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer. This class helps lead our Group First Holy Communion Education Gathering as a part of their study of the Sacraments.

SIXTH and SEVENTH GRADES: Alternating Years of Study ~ The Bible, its history, content and how Scripture comes to life as a part of our daily lives. Year A: Old Testament; Year B: New Testament. As Disciples in Action, this class coordinates the Souper Bowl Sunday Collection for world hunger.

EIGHTH AND NINTH GRADES: “Mixing It Up” with alternating weeks of activities and sharing makes this class fun for all – especially for these students who spend time on Thursday evening in Catechetics. Game Week; Movie Week – popcorn and all; Servant Project Week; Group Discussion Week are but a few of the plans for this class as we focus on building community, using our gifts, and staying connected with Jesus.

TENTH THROUGH TWELFTH GRADES: “Hang Time” with Christian Ethics and Contemporary Issues in a relaxed and open discussion format using clips from popular movies, and varied exciting & interactive resources. FOCUS: Build community, encourage discipleship, and stay connected with Jesus. One Sunday per Month is dedicated to Youth Ministry activities.

Registration Form

  • New Students: Beginning August 1st, Registration Forms will be available on our website; In the Youth Wall File, Main Entrance; and In the Church Office. Forms will be available on Registration Tables on September 15th and through September. Beginning October, Registration Forms will be in the classrooms.
  • Returning Students: Beginning September 15th and continuing through September, Update Forms will be available for returning students. In October they will be in classrooms.
  • Special Needs Students: We welcome students with special needs! Parents of special needs students, please contact Livvy Steffens before bringing your child to class! We want to work together to make our Sunday School a welcome place for all children!
  • Visitors: please sign a Visitor’s registration Form for your child. Visitors’ Registration Forms will be located in all classrooms.

Special Needs, Enrichment, Servant Projects

At UDLC we believe and embrace the fact that all people are God’s special and dearly beloved children! We all have special needs and we have all been given special gifts by our Loving Creator. We work, with God’s grace, to help all children feel welcome, loved, and safe, and to help them discover how they can use their unique gifts to share God’s love with others.


We are blessed to have a new Sunday School Enrichment Ministry to younger students, enabling them to learn about and experience God’s love and grace through movement, art, and creative drama. The Enrichment Ministry happens during the Sunday School hour in our large Fellowship Hall space, once or twice a month, depending on the numbers of volunteers available and the availability of space. Students in the 3 Year Olds Class through 1st Grade, spend 20 minutes of the Sunday School hour having fun moving, singing, playing, praying while they hear God’s Word and reinforce the wonderful messages shared in the Bible though movement and other enrichment activities.


For children who have specific learning and developmental needs, we are blessed to have the PALS ministry where loving adults and older youth are buddies to special needs children youth in their Sunday School classrooms and in Catechetics classes. We ask parents of special needs children to contact Livvy Steffens, Director of Education Ministries for Children and Youth, if they feel their children would benefit from having a PAL in the classroom.

Servant Projects

As disciples of Jesus, Sunday school students of all ages participate in Outreach Servant Projects throughout the school year.

Cradle Roll

The Cradle Roll ministry is a ministry for families of little ones from birth to three years of age featuring once-a-month "Splash" mailers, a valuable resource for families with infants and toddlers. This program provides families with materials and resources which educate them regarding normal growth and development of babies and toddlers, provides great ideas regarding age-appropriate activities to do with little ones, and most importantly shares how parents can provide a God centered home for their families. Babies are enrolled in this program as soon as we learn of their birth or date of Baptism. Parents receive monthly mailings of resources from that time until the time of the child’s third birthday. On the child’s third birthdays, Cradle Roll participants “graduate” and are invited to join our Three Year Old Sunday School class.


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