Meghan Evers

Alternate Spring Break—ASB—is an opportunity for a college student to spend Spring Break in community service. For her last three Spring Breaks, UDLC’s Meghan Evers has chosen to be part of Georgia Tech’s ASB service program, continuing in her Georgia home the commitment to service she started at UDLC.

As a freshman in 2015, Meghan took on a challenge in her choice of service project. She didn’t know anyone on the service team, but in true UDLC fashion, she signed up anyhow for the Memphis food bank project. While sorting and distributing food, Meghan made friends with members of the Georgia Tech color guard. They encouraged her in trying out and later joining Guard. Their love of service became a GT support system of friends.

For the 2016 Spring Break, Meghan wanted to work with children. Even though she was again “out of her comfort zone,” she signed up. At Moore Community House in Biloxi, a typical morning would be reading Pete the Cat or singing “5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.” This civil engineering major was serving and having fun. But Meghan also relived a sad memory at the Biloxi Katrina Memorial. As a 9-year-old living in Ascension Parish, Louisiana, Meghan had seen the hurricane evacuees come to her town, seen her community reach out. But now, in two successive Spring Breaks, she saw and heard their stories as an adult and felt a deepening compassion for these evacuees—indeed for all displaced peoples.

In 2017 Meghan signed up to go again to Biloxi for Spring Break. But this year she was a co-leader of the 17-student team. She was to motivate and direct them every day, not to mention drive the 15-passenger van. (The driving was OK; the parking, not so easy.) Focusing on the schedule and facilitating the next activity, Meghan didn’t see the strong spirit of common purpose developing among her team. In the end, however, it was their bond of commitment to others that inspired her most. Asked recently to share her Spring Break experience, Meghan showed the underlying strength of a serving community when she said, “So excited to share ASB with my UDLC home!”


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